We take pride in our talented group of surf instructors, educators, social workers, and government officials which are a major part of our activity. Although HaGal Sheli is the sole implementing body, we are supported by local municipalities that provide beach services and maintain our educational surf center infrastructures.

Yaron Waksman

Founder and CEO

A true ocean lover and an enthusiastic surfer. Yaron combined his passion for surfing with ideas of education. A certified surfing instructor with over 15 years of experience, and a lifeguard. Yaron graduated with his master’s at the Department of Policy and Administration in Education at Tel Aviv University alongside an official teaching certificate. after completing his postgraduate studies graduated with great distinction from the Center for Empathy In Education and Society, the Kibbutzim college Tel Aviv, (cum laude).

Yaron is a member at Maoz program, IVLP alumny from the US department of state, Hero of the year for KESHET, and recognised as ‘Yakir Haeir’ Bat Yam.

“I truly believe that everyone deserves a second chance. If we are sincerely invested in something, and willing to invest our time and attention, we all can aspire to success. I invite you all to take part in our mission, and join HaGal Sheli’s family”.

Omer Tulchinsky

Founder and Pedagogical Director

A scholar and a surfer, and the philosopher who formed and developed HaGal Sheli’s unique educational framework – “Head – Body – Head” – which serves as the foundation of the entire five-year educational process . Omer completed B.A and Masters in education alongside an official teaching certificate, He is a cognitive-behavioral therapist, a nature-therapy practitioner, and facilitates dynamic group sessions. Additionally, he is a certified lifeguard and a surfing instructor affiliated with the Wingate Institute.

“The last couple of years have proven that an honest change is possible. I witnessed the positive changes the educational process evoked. I experienced myself how surfing can serve as a way of living, and was always driven by the want to share the oceans’ healing qualities”.

Nir Hason

Logistics Coordinator

Rachel Kaplan

Partnerships Coordinator

born in the US in 1992, living in Tel Aviv and holds a degree in Diplomacy and International Relations from the Interdisciplinary Center. She’s been surfing since childhood and tries to be in the sea at least once a day. “The sea provides calmness and perspective on life. We have no control over what we receive each day – storm, calm, waves… I couldn’t think of a more suitable tool for my life to use as a means of educating youth.”

Gal Tugeman ….

Nahariya Center Manager

Ben Goldenberg

Data Systems Coordinator

“Born in 1994, living in central Tel Aviv and originally from the town of Har Adar. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management with excellence from Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College.”

Shir Kahlon

Ashkelon center manager

Hagal Sheli is an opportunity to provide young boys and girls a place where they are seen in a positive light, a chance to give them a belief that they can achieve more, that they are capable of more. Seeing them and their needs, and offering them equal opportunities to acquire tools for life.

In my eyes, the ocean represents life itself, with all the challenges, fears, strengths, and feelings of capability

Saeed Ibrahim

Arab Society Coordinator

I was born in the year 2000, born and raised in Jaffa and still reside there. I hold a certificate of completion in cybersecurity and information security from the Akrio College in Ramat Gan, a certified surfing instructor from the Wingate Institute. I live just a 10-minute walk from the sea, and every day I must be near the sea or at least see it from afar once a day.
The sea is my mentor, always reminding me to be humble, attentive and to behave according to it. As much as we think we are strong and great, the sea always reminds us who is in control and who is greater.

Daniel Zafrani

Educational Coordinator

Born in 1991, I currently live in Tel Aviv, originally from Moshav Mishmar Ayalon. “I discovered surfing in Peru where I lived for two years and ever since then, surfing has been a part of my soul.”

Arad Uzard

Partnerships Manager

Born in Lahavot Habashan in the Upper Galilee and now living in the Hefei Valley, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University. He used to be a former judo athlete in the Israeli national team. Married to the charming Ayala, he loves the sea, loves nature, and above all, loves life. “Like the flowing current of life, the sea is also dynamic, changing, challenging, and full of surprises. When you find the inner strength to deal with it, you acquire a powerful tool to cope with life.

Roni Dunkelman

Educational Partnerships Coordinator

 born in 1991, currently residing in Tel Aviv, originally from Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael. Holds a bachelor’s degree in special education and studies hydrotherapy. Discovered surfing at the age of 15, at a time when surfing was considered a predominantly male sport and there were very few women in the water. Fortunately, there is a much larger representation of women in the sport today 🙂 “We grow through our connection with others, and with surfing, we have a huge opportunity to be significant figures and sometimes hold hope for young boys and girls who may not be able to see it for themselves.”

Ron Magal

Marketing Manager

A man of love, peace, heaven, and sea. His life mission is to help creatures! A father of two magical children and happily married :). Holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Hadassah Jerusalem with a specialization in service organizations, a specialist in digital marketing (Full Stack Marketer) with knowledge in HTML and business development.

Inbal Elkana

Volunteers and Service Year Coordinator

Maor Simcha

Finance Manager

“As a graduate with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, I believe that with the help of our natural abilities, we can also learn about ourselves and constantly strive for self-improvement. As someone who grew up in less pleasant surroundings, I can imagine that my wave can be a home for young people like me.”

Or Dohel-Rescheff

Safety Coordination

Yael Levy

Tel-Aviv Center Manager

Born in 1997 in Giv’at Shmuel. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Democratic Education and Social Business Management from the Seminar HaKibbutzim College. Currently studying for a certificate in Parental Guidance and Training at the Adler Institute. Active in the social movement of Bnei Akiva and a graduate of national service with Jewish and Arab youth on the periphery. “The sea in my eyes washes away the prejudices that bother the heart and the eyes, to see that we are all human beings, with the same needs and feelings that just want closeness and love.

Idan Levy

Kfar-Galim Center Manager

34 years old, originally from Haifa, currently lives in Hatzalet Hasharon. Has a master’s degree in education with a specialization in social change and a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences at Rupin College with a specialization in organizational consulting and human resources. “I have been involved in education in various formats for over a decade and see the work in my wave as a mission and a privilege that connects my two biggest worlds – sea and education.”

Noam Feller

Bat Yam Center Manager

A 29-year-old from Yaffo, with a bachelor’s degree in education and a social business manager at the Kibbutzim College, a graduate of the Tzofim (Scouts) movement and the “Israel 2050” leadership movement, and one of the founders of the “Clean Profit” initiative to promote financial education in Israel. “The sea and surfing are an amazing way of life for me, enabling endless learning and providing a great gift to everyone.


Avihay Cohen

Kiryat Yam Center Manager

Omer Buchsweiler

Partnerships Manager

lives in Tel Aviv. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in marine sciences and a Master’s degree in marine resource management from Makhmourat. “The sea, always and forever, has been an inseparable part of my life. It has always been there, calm, stormy, powerful, unexpected, and infinite. I am happy to be a part of the exciting and unique activity in my association, ‘Hagal-sheli’.

Shahar Oved

Hadassah Neurim Center Manager

Ephy Shapiro

International Partnerships Manager

born in 1990, immigrated to Israel in 2012 from the United States, and now lives in Tel Aviv. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Arabic and International Relations and a master’s degree in maritime archaeology. Previously worked at a nature conservation organization as a public and community center. Dives, surfs, sails, and lives by the sea. “The sea is not only a valuable resource, but also the most unifying and healing force – a resource that transcends all religious, political, and social divides. Throughout history, in every religion and culture, in every corner of the world, water is a purifying element that makes each of us understand that we have no control over superior forces. A person needs to find balance in unexpected situations where they have no control. It is a special privilege to continue to educate through the most precious resource that exists.

The people behind the surfboards

Dor hillel

Leading instructor

Hen mualem

Nadir Golan

Leading instructor

I do what I do because I both enjoy it and feel meaningful to teenagers. There is no  place like the” ocean.”

Maia Bachar

Eran Fos

Leading instructor

35 years old, with a bachelor’s degree in physics and atmospheric sciences, a master’s degree in astrophysics, and a doctorate in planetary sciences from the Weizmann Institute. Investigates natural climate changes in terrestrial planets with an emphasis on Mars. I love nature and especially the sea, the sea accepts you as you are. The sea has many sides like humans, on the one hand calmness and peace in infinity and on the other hand strength that is expressed in currents and waves.

I believe that with guidance, patience and guidance you can bring out the best in every person.

Nathalie Haki

Ilan sinka

Raz Morad

Didi frenkel

Ziv amitay


אגם ליחיאני

דניאל ספנסר

David vlad

Nitsan buhbut

Mahmud badran

Shahar karako

Hen aspis

Omri dor

Roni Brielovsky

Yonatan shimshoni

Adi Kulikovsky

Maia matitiahu

שחר חי

Liri gal

Alon ashkenazi

Omer carmeli

Omer ron

Neta katz

Tal levi

Yaki shavit

Noam yaron

Sivan shmueli

Nir Doron

Shahar yerushalmi

Tomer goldstein

Shir kahlon

Eran Hakim

Aviv sherter

Maia ben-tov

Shahar hai

Roni katz

Yotam ben-tzvi

Dor hen

Gal Rimer

Elram yehiam

עופרי אודי


Idan Sheli