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Emergency Trauma Intervention Program for Victims of Terror and Conflict


In the aftermath of the heinous Hamas attacks on October 7th, the urgent need for support in helping Israeli teenagers and young adults confront the profound trauma is undeniable.

In the immediate aftermath of the October 7th events, HaGal Sheli initiated an emergency plan to assist Israeli youth in navigating their complex emotions and experiences using surfing. Our goal is to swiftly reach as many affected teens as possible to offer aid, aiming to mitigate the development of PTSD.


Current Groups

Alumim, Ashkelon, Bror Hayil, Gevim, HaGosherom, Kadarim, Karmia, Kfar Aza, Kfar Silver, Lehavot HaBashan, Miflasim, Mitzuba, Nahal Oz, Netiv Hasara, Nir Am, Nirim, Nitzanim, Or Hanar, Petish, Sderot, Sha’ar Yishuv

For over a decade, HaGal Sheli has empowered youth nationwide to conquer life’s challenges by harnessing the transformative power of surfing, fostering personal growth, resilience, & success.


“Tools from the Waves” was created as an adapted version of HaGal Sheli’s PTSD program, operated in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Defense Rehabilitation Department, providing immediate assistance to Israeli youth from Israel’s southern Gaza Settlement communities. Under the guidance of Dr. Tamar Dagan, a clinical psychologist and trauma specialist, the program is a response to the complex traumas inflicted by the attacks and is dedicated to providing immediate assistance to those affected.

The unique program of HaGal Sheli

Present-Moment Immersion


Surfing immerses individuals in the present through its physical demands, skill requirements, and the dynamic nature of the sea, redirecting focus from past trauma or future worries.

Control Amid Uncertainties


Surfing, with its challenges like waves, currents, changing weather, and falls, helps diminish feelings of helplessness over time, restoring a sense of control weakened by trauma.

Stress Release


Surfing, as a dynamic physical activity, provides a valuable outlet for releasing pent-up energies, contributing to the gradual release of trauma-related physical tension.

Vital Group Support


Strong connections with others are essential for trauma healing. Engaging in group activities, both at sea and elsewhere, fosters contact, active participation, communication, and positive mutual influence among participants.

Incremental Victories


Surfing, requiring dedication and perseverance, allows for personal victories both on the sea and in life, emphasizing progress one step at a time

Nature Therapy


The stay in the open air and the contact with the water strengthen healing processes, in body and mind

HaGal Sheli’s Educational Surf Centers


Kfar Galim

Tel Aviv Jaffa

Kiryat Yam

Ma’agan Michael

Hadassah Neurim




“If I could ask for one thing, it’s that more of my friends who were evacuated from home have a program like this”

Nevo | 16, Kfar Gaza

“The connection with the guides of my wave is like a glove. We needed someone from the outside who didn’t go through hell”

my age 17, Kfar Gaza