Our Story

“HaGal Sheli” was established 7 years ago in the belief that anyone can ‘catch the wave’ and succeed in life.

Omer and Yaron first met during their academic studies, where they became the best of friends.

Between surfing waves and studying, they came up with the idea of combining their two greatest loves – educating at-risk youth and surfing.

From a dream to reality. Starting from ten teenagers which Omer and Yaron voluntarily taught to surf, to falling in love with the project and becoming devoted, to leaving their jobs and taking out loans; today “HaGal Sheli” works with hundreds of at-risk teenagers and thousands of graduates who take part in our activities every year at our three centers along Israel’s coast – Bat Yam, Tel Aviv Jaffa, and Kfar Galim.

Our Vision

To be a significant youth organization, touching the lives of thousands of young people, with surf centers along the coast of Israel.

We are educators and people of the sea, and we aspire to help at-risk youth find their inner strength in order to deal with the challenges of life.

We believe that through the life-shaping encounter with the sea, and through a unique and structured educational process, these teenagers will acquire an elevated self-worth and self-confidence which will serve as a stepping stone for future success in their lives.

We operate out of the belief that creating a positive environment and a sense of belonging, while using the therapeutic elements of the sea, will provide the participants with a real opportunity to ‘catch a wave’, on their way to a better life.

                                                                                     Just like at  sea – so it is in life