Safety – First and Foremost

Our Approach to Safety

It is important for us to create a safe and secure environment for our participants, and we emphasize that in every stage of our activities:

Starting with watching our language and behavior, through respecting and protecting each participant’s personal space and concluding with the general conduct at each of our centers; we are prepared for any challenge or event. In addition, this approach is expressed by maintaining a professional and responsible conduct in the water, as well as a high ratio of instructors to trainees, the use of designated flotation vestsdrills and certifications which are frequently performed to the entire staff.

A side from observing the regulations, together we have created a constant state of preparedness – “HaGal Sheli” has made a strategic decision to invest all that it takes to safeguard what is most important – human life.  Our main goal – zero life-threatening incidents.

In order to meet this goal we operate on several levels:

  1.   Maintaining a Learning and debriefing policy, similar to the one in the Israeli air force.
  2. Training  staff through simulating operating under various dangerous conditions and maintaining preparedness for any situation.
  3. A stringent approach – “when there is doubt – there is no doubt“.
  4. Always looking to Improve – in training, in qualifications, in equipment: use of water-proof cellphones and  finally: keeping a high ratio of instructors to trainees, much higher than required by law.

Together we will continue to act with responsibility, dedication and professionalism.


The "HaGal Sheli" team practicing emergency situations

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