The Lighthouse Program

The Lighthouse  program is the introductary program of “HaGal Sheli”.

This program operates in full cooperation with the educational frameworks the kids come from.

The Lighthouse program operates in groups of up to 14 participants (girls and boys) who are referred to us by their educational frameworks. The sessions take place once a week, over the course of six months, for three hours each time.

Each session consists of a theoretical lesson and a hands-on surfing experience and focuses on a different topic which we relate to other areas in the participants’ life. For example, we talk about how, as in life, currents in the sea can take us off course; and the importance of finding balance, both on and off the board.

Each group’s training process is accompanied by a school representative (a teacher or counselor), who is present during all sessions. At the end of each session, the school or educational framework receives a  summary report, reflecting on the goals and objectives acheived during the session.

This is how we make sure the success does not stay at sea, but is carried into other aspects of their lives. 

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Cities and Municipalities taking part in 2017-2019

  • ‘Branco weiss’ High-school – Modi’in
  • ‘Yachdav’ association-Nachshonim
  • ‘Al-Sam’ NGO
  • ‘Kidum Noar’ (The At-risk youth unit in the ministry of education)
  • The ‘young girl’ center (a unit within the ministry of social affairs)  
  • ‘kidum Noar’ -Daliyat Al-Karmel
  • IGY- Israel Gay Youth
  • Na’amt High-School Jafa.  
  • Mikve Israel Youth Village- Holon 
  • Department of welfare – Yavne
  • ORT educational campus- Kiryat Biali
  • ‘Hila’ project- Bat-Yam
  • ‘Kidum Noar’- Ramat Hasharon
  • ‘Kidum Noar’-Azor
  • ORT educational campus- Lod
  • ‘Kidum Noar’- Or Yehuda
  • ‘Aderet’ Yeshiva
  • ‘Nehalim’ youth village
  • ‘Hamama’ youth center, Bat-Yam
  • ‘Ramat Hen’ school- Ramat-gan.
  • ‘Kfar Galim’ High-school-Hof HaCarmel Regional Council.
  • ‘Kidum Noar’ -Zikhron Ya’acov
  • ‘Branco weiss’ High-school- Or Yehuda.
  • Darca High-schhol- Bat Yam.
  • ORT ge’ula- Tel-Aviv.
  • shazar high-school- Bat Yam.
  • ‘Melton’ School-Bat Yam.
  • ‘Mevo’ot Yam’ Youth village- Mikhmoret
  •  ‘Ahva’ Institoution 
  • ‘Shapira’ Comunity Youth Center
  • Beit Lilach
  •  ‘Kidum Noar’- Rishon LeZion
  •  ‘Tomashin’- Rishon LeZion
  • ‘Teddy Kollek’ school- Jerusalem
  • ‘kidum Noar’ -Gush Etzion 
  • Na’amat High-School -Rishon Letsiyon 
  • Meitar School- Tirat Hacarmel
  • ‘Hila’ project- Binyamin local municipality.
  • ‘Bialik Rugozin’ school- Tel-Aviv.
  • ‘Habait Ha’cham’ -Lod
  •  ‘Kidum Noar’ Beit Shemesh
  • Kanne Meir Center – Pardes Hanna Karkur
  • ‘Sikuim’ project- The Ministry of Social Services
  • The ‘Ronen’ unit- Bat Yam
  • ‘Ha’tikva’ neighborhood youth center- Tel-Aviv
  • Alliance High-School- Haifa
  • ‘Ironi youd beit’ High-school- Jaffa
  • ‘einstein’ youth center-Lod
  • ‘Kidum Noar’- Rehovot
  • ‘Darca-Hamer’ -Bat-Yam
  • ‘Amir’ School- Petach-Tikva
  • ‘Tomashin’ High-School- Holon
  • ‘Gil-Am’ institute-welfare department’s Youth section
  • ‘Meitar’ youth center- Hatikva Neighborhood
  • ‘wizo’ Boarding School- Nahalat Yehuda
  • ‘Ramot’ High-School- Bat-Yam
  •  ‘El-Bustan’ institute-  Welfare dep.’s Youth Section
  • ‘Kfar Qasim’ Municipality
  • ‘Ya’ad’ High-School- Bat-Yam
  • ‘Jessi Cohen’ High-School- Holon
  • Kiryat-Bialik muncipality
  • ‘Tel-Giborim’ community center- Tel-Aviv
  •  ‘Klein’ Community Center and Auditorium 
  •  Pardes Hanna Agricultural High School
  •  Nailit
  • ‘The Red Club’ Lod
  • ‘The Shakel Program’ Ramat Eliyahu
  •  ‘Kidum Noar- East Jerusalem
  • Comunity Youth Center- Neve Ofer

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