The Circles Program

The Circles Program is an educational program intended to expand the horizons of the “HaGal Sheli” graduates and expand their knowledge on matters relating to the world of surfing, which enables them to take a more substantial part in the different activities held at “HaGal Sheli”.

The program participants are divided into one of three tracks:
(1) Photography and editing
(2) Operating and repairing surfboards
(3) Entrepreneurship and Hi Tech

Over the course of the program the participants undergo training by professional mentors and the “HaGal Sheli” team, and participate in relevant activities. Through this they gain responsibility and life experience, give back to the community, and acquire practical tools.

The Various Tracks of the "Circles" Program

Photography and Editing

The photo team learns the craft of filming/editing video and the principles of sea and surfing photography. One of the program’s goals is to document the educational processes and events at “HaGal Sheli”. With guidance from professional mentors, the participants of the program take charge of all “HaGal Sheli” media and video. They take photos, create video clips of all the group activities and special events, and document daily life for the students, their families and the staff.

Operating and Repairing Surfboards

The surfboard operation and repair team is responsible for the repair and upkeep of about 300 surfboards in all “HaGal Sheli” centers around the country, providing foundation’s trainees a safe and good surfing experience. Accompanied by the best mentors from the world of “shaping”, the participants learn the secrets of the trade in a yearlong program becoming responsible for this important area of the foundation’s activities.

Entrepreneurship and Hi Tech

The Entrepreneurship Program of “HaGal Sheli” was established to make the Hi-Tech world more accessible to our young participants here in “startup nation” and prove to them that anything is possible. The pedagogical model in this program is based on hands-on experience to establish and develop a new technological venture in the field of surfing. The students learn and go through all stages: planning a prototype, product development, fund-raising, building a website, and product marketing and launching. The program operates in cooperation with brothers Mateo and Aviv Shapira and the ironSource Company.

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