HaGal Sheli - Protecting the Environment

HaGal Sheli, as an educational non-profit which uses the sea and the waves as educational tools for personal growth – aims to develop environmental awareness among all of our programs participants. We are dedicated to protecting the environment as a whole and protecting the sea and beaches in particular.

Our Activities in this Field:

  1. Study and enrichment on the environmental damage that humans cause to the sea and the beaches.
  2. Developing and nurturing awareness and environmental responsibility among the trainees at any given moment.
  3. Group beach clean ups – Cooperation with “Zalul Association for the Protection of the Sea Beaches and Rivers” –  Each HaGal Sheli group goes on a beach clean up activity at least once. 
  4. Wild Plastic Exhibition – in cooperation with various Israeli and international artists, the goal of the exhibition is to raise awareness of the plastic consumption damage. The exhibition was held for the first time in May 2019.
  5. Active change in our educational surf centers and work environment – In the past years we have taken significant steps to reduce the use of plastic in our centers: Disposable plastic utensils were replaced with reusable plastic utensils, recycling cans were put in our centers and more.

Be a part of the solution not part of the pollution