An Educational Surfing Journey to Portugal

From a one time opportunity – to an exciting tradition!

It all started in 2015, when a lovely family from Portugal heard of “HaGal Sheli” and kindly offered to fly out and host a young graduate of “HaGal Sheli” on a significant educational journey in Portugal, thus enabling him to continue his important educational process he started with “HaGal Sheli”. Our young graduate traveled with his instructor, and went on an exceptional life altering journey. Eventually, he became an instructor at “HaGal Sheli” and today serves as a combat soldier in the IDF.

In 2016 Another “HaGal Sheli” graduate got to go on the trip to Portugal. This student first came to “HaGal Sheli” with a criminal record, with the help of the waves and his instructors he chose to follow a new and different path, during which he was able to graduate from our “Young mentors” program with honors. After mentoring younger students for two years, he was chosen to travel to Portugal and today is a role model and an inspiration for us all.

In 2017, thanks to loving supporters and donors, we managed to send two of our graduates to Portugal- Amir and Zuri, both chose to volunteer for a full year with us and give back to the organization (Sherut Leumi). 

In August 2018, the fourth delegation took its educational journey to Portugal, this time with 3 of out students who had undergone a significant process, and are currently leading groups as junior staff members.

The Journey to Portugal is an extraordinary journey that combines dealing with difficult conditions, the exciting experience of traveling abroad (for most graduates this was their first time abroad) and surfing waves that you can only dream of in Israel.

The program is an important milestone in the lives of the participants and the continuation of the NGO’s path in general.

The delegations are accompanied by “HaGal Sheli” senior team members and have a very rich educational content.