The activities of “HaGal Sheli” are adapted and offered to teenagers from the entire spectrum of Israeli society, from all over the country and from a variety of sectors, including: Arabs and Jews, secular and religious, new immigrants and veteran Israelis, boys and girls. During our activities we send a cohesive message: we all surf the same waves together, we are all equal and there is room for everyone.

We aspire to create a meaningful, mature bond which is beyond all prejudice – one community, which through the sea, creates a different and better reality.

It starts with us, and projects outwards to the entire community.

The actions we take to incorporate and include diverse populations in our activities:

  • We intentionally incorporate diverse populations, starting with our basic Lighthouse program
  • Preserving the presence of participants from all sectors and creating the instructional infrastructure which allows for their incorporation into the alumni community
  • Celebrating the holidays of various religions and ethnic groups
  • Peak Volunteering events – for example, cooperation with the Roots Judur organization which encourages dialogue between Jewish youth from the settlements and Palestinian youth (see video on the left)
  • Incorporating instructors and volunteers from the various sectors on the staff of the “HaGal Sheli”

These actions are performed with the help of our dear partners, including the German Embassy in Israel. To reach the “HaGal Sheli” page on the website of the German Embassy, click here