A Place for Life Program

In the advanced program-A Place for Life-the graduates of The Lighthouse Program are granted the privilege of surfing at the “HaGal Sheli” center, forever and free of charge. The idea is to literally become a place for life that the graduates can return to; a safe, pleasant and accepting home. During the activities, the participants increase their professional surfing skills and continue to receive close mentoring, guidance and added values.

The program operates throughout the year and includes boys and girls from different backgrounds and sectors of the Israeli society. The participants are divided to groups according to age alone, rather than according to the educational frameworks to which they belong, such that each group is comprised of graduates from all walks of society. The activities take place once a week in a stable setting, accompanied by experienced instructors.

On the surfboard, in the water, we are all equal; surfing the same waves with the same boards!

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