Multi-year educational program

At “HaGal Sheli,” our educational model stems from the concept of using surfing as a tool for personal growth and development. 

Surfing is a fascinating extreme sport, which demands determination and practice. Surfers must cope with large waves, strong sea currents, changing weather conditions, balancing and falling off the surfboard, and dealing with uncertainty – each have overreaching effects, which impact other realms of life.

“HaGal Sheli” is a multi-year and multi-step program. In a series of weekly meetings, students receive individual attention and a personal empowerment program within the framework of a cohesive group.

In The Lighthouse Program we work in full cooperation with an existing educational framework, thus making sure the success does not remain in the sea but continues into real life. Later, the kids join A Place For Life Program, where they meet the entire spectrum of Israeli society; Next they join The Circles Program and take part and volunteer in different activities of “Hagal Sheli.” Finally, in The Young Mentors Program, kids go from being trainees to becoming certified surfing instructors and mentors for the younger participants.