The Only Educational Surfing Center of its Kind in the World

The educational concept at the basis of “HaGal Sheli” is the use of surfing as a tool for personal development.

Surfing is a fascinating extreme sport, which combines learning and practice. Coping with the waves and currents of the sea, the changing weather conditions, finding your balance, falling off the surfboard and having to get back up are just some elements that transcend beyond the sport itself and into the participants’ lives.

In a series of weekly sessions aimed at cultivating personal empowerment, participants are treated as individuals while belonging to a cohesive group of peers.

The “HaGal Sheli” program is a multi-year and multi-step program.

Starting with the Lighthouse program where we work in full cooperation with  existing educational programs and frameworks, thus making sure the success does not remain at sea but continues into real life. Later on, the teenagers join the A place For Life program where they meet and surf with peers from across the entire spectrum of Israeli society. Next, they join the Circles program and start giving back and volunteering in “HaGal Sheli” in variety roles. Finally they complete the circle in the Young Mentors program where they go from being trainees – to becoming certified surfing instructors and mentors for the younger participants in the Lighthouse.