The Tel Aviv-Yafo Center: "HaGal Sheli" Non-Stop

Educational Coordinator: Ely Farbstein
We came back to where it all first began: “HaGal Sheli”  took its first steps in Tel Aviv in 2012, at the Geula school with a group of only 10 students. Since that day, over the years in which “HaGal Sheli” has been operating, there have been more than 15 groups at the Geula School. During 2018 – with the kind support of the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo’s youth department – the first official center of “HaGal Sheli”  in Tel Aviv was established, in the port of Jaffa.

The Jaffa center is a home for boys and girls from the city; its purpose is to create a group of graduates from the different sectors of the population and establish a respectful and inspiring dialogue in the community.

During the first year of activity (2018) we used the center to house designated community projects, alongside the continuous educational activity of youth groups from different programs in the city. Among the community programs: Free surfing lessons for young people in cooperation with DigiTel (the Tel Aviv-Yafo resident’s card), the Israeli youth softboard championship, surfing workshops for the youth movements operating in the city, such as: the Noam youth movement, the Tzofim (Israeli Scouts), the Green Horizons organization, Bnei Akiva and local youth centers.

The groups operating on a semester long basis are: LGBT youth groups from IGY (Israeli Gay Youth) organization and groups from the Bialik-Rogozin, Naamat Jaffa, Ort Geula, the Ironi Yud Beit schools and others.

Thanks to the inspiring team of instructors at the centers, and to the dedicated staff at the municipality, hundreds of girls and boys from Tel Aviv-Yafo get to ‘catch the wave’ and are exposed to the world of surfing and the forces of the sea, even though it is the first year of the center’s operation.

The new and active alumni community of the “HaGal Sheli” center in Jaffa consists of dozens of graduates who come to the activities and “pass it on” to the new participants.

2019 will be the second year of activity  in the new center in Tel Aviv-Yafo during this year We will run additional groups and  continue with the current projects. We will introduce significant new community projects such as: a leadership group for graduates, a group in cooperation with “Hamishlama Yafo”, community volunteering events for residents of the city, multicultural activities, Purim festival, beach cleaning events and more…

The team and trainees at “HaGal Sheli” in Tel Aviv-Yafo invite you to visit us in a colorful and multicultural house in the Jaffa port.


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