The Mevo'ot Yam Center

The “HaGal Sheli” center at the youth village Mevo’ot Yam in Mikhmoret is our smallest center – small, but charming and unique. Its activity model is based on a single group each year, which allows for close cooperation with the educational staff of the youth village. The activities at Mevo’ot Yam began 4 years ago, as a personal coming full circle for Ido Galilee and Omer Tulchinsky. Iddo, a veteran instructor at “HaGal Sheli”, was once a student at the Mevo’ot Yam boarding school; there, Omer was one of his counselors while serving his “Service Year”  at the school before going on to establish “HaGal Sheli”. Ultimately, Iddo wanted to “give back” to the boarding school where he grew up, and that is how this unique connection was made. The ideological-educational connection with the sea, which brought together the youth village and the foundation, has had extraordinary results over the years. We invite you to visit us at the “HaGal Sheli” Center at the Mevo’ot Yam Youth Village near Mikhmoret.

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