Our Vaccine For COVID-19


Coping with COVID-19 

The pandemic made the gaps bigger. Our teens are ‘at-risk youth’. This definition took on a whole new meaning during the COVID-19 period, where they were found at their homes which do not necessarily benefit them, in challenging economic situations and without the educational framework that usually accompanies them. In order to continue the therapeutic, beneficial, educational process and try and preserve the processes we work on vigorously, we decided to launch a special 

program especially for those days – the "HaGal Sheli Anchor" program.


We were required to adapt ourselves to new and tailored activities within and throughout the COVID-19 period and to comply with the Ministry of Health's guidelines for conducting activities. Nevertheless, we are still under the influence of the virus and must comply with all policies, instructions and restrictions of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the educational frameworks where the teens arrive from. 


No child left behind 

We are proud to say that thanks to the implementations and actions taken, as well as significant partners who have chosen to increase their support during that time, we will continue to stand strong and stable for the teenagers who need us. Not only that all of HaGal Sheli teens or On track with us- we are proud to share that during the last month, 610 new teenagers joined “HaGal Sheli” multi-years programs.


It is currently more important than ever to support these youth, keep them on track, in their healthy routines and reach more and more teenagers in order to enable them to catch the wave towards a better future!